Below are a few 'frequently asked questions' that seem to be the main points of interest for many couples. I hope they help to fill in some of the blanks but if there is anything else you wish to know, just drop me an email and I will be happy to help


Will you travel to capture our wedding?

Yes of course I am happy to travel. I am based in Staffordshire but I capture weddings all over the UK and even abroad. All travel costs are covered by myself for weddings in England unless stated when you enquire. For elopements or destination weddings, we can chat about bespoke packages that will suit both parties.

How long after the wedding will we receive our photos?

I try to work to a maximum turnaround time of 12 weeks from the wedding date. Obviously I work closer to this number in the busy periods of the year but the wait can be considerably less in the quieter months of the year. I like to give my couples a clear indication of where their wedding sits in my workflow so that I can be completely transparent on an expected delivery time.

I do always try and get a few images over to my couples within the first week or so after the wedding as a sneak peek.

Can we arrange to meet with you before booking?

There is no right or wrong answer with this. Some couples want to book immediately after enquiring via the website or social media. Other couples like a more personal touch and want to have a chat with me before making the decision of booking with me... either way is cool with me. I love chatting to people about their wedding plan, answering any burning questions that may put you at ease and simply getting to know each other so you can see if I'm a good fit for you and your wedding day. Meeting in person can be tricky with peoples busy schedules and locations... so a video call or phone are also great options. Just know that I am always open to whatever makes you guys feel more comfortable. 

How do we book our wedding photography with you?

So, if you are happy with what you see and you are ready to book then head to the 'ENQUIRE' page and complete the form to send me your enquiry.

You will then receive an official booking email from SAINT Photography. This email will contain a link to the online booking form, the bank details for the £200 deposit payment as well as my Terms & Conditions attached to the email.

Once the forms have been completed and the deposit has been received by myself... you are then officially booked in with me! You will then receive an email confirming that.

How final photos will I receive?

It is tough to put an exact number on it, obviously different lengths of coverage can become a factor but I'd say I average around 500+ images. Put I don't limit myself on the amount of final images a couple will receive... if the photo reaches my high standards then it will be in your final collection.

So what happens after we confirm our wedding booking with you and when is our final balance due?

From the point of your booking being confirmed with me, you can contact me whenever you need to with any questions at all. I am always happy to put your mind at ease in regards to all things wedding. I'm happy to give advice and recommend other suppliers for your wedding day if you need me to.

However, I will touch base to arrange a video call for around 30 days before the wedding date. This is when we can run through the timings of the day and a chance for any final question you might have. This point is also when your final balance is due.

Despite capturing more natural moments, do you still do family/friends group photos?

Yes of course! Although the majority of the day is photographed in a natural and relaxed style, I still think there is a place for family and friends group photos... if you want them of course! I usually recommend only doing around 10-15 shots of immediate family and the bridal party... but it is your day and if you wish for more then you of course can. This is just a guideline and my advice in order to keep the time down. I ask you to provide a list of these photos via email before the wedding day to allow for things to run as smoothly as possible on the day.

What happens if you are ill or unable to attend our wedding?

I would only not be present on your wedding day under extreme circumstances. I have photographed weddings whilst feeling under the weather and I've even photographed a handful with a broken leg... letting my couples down is not something I would do lightly. In the unfortunate case that I am unable to attend the wedding, I have a wide network of likeminded photographers, with a similar style to mine, that could step in last minute to help out. I would then ensure that I still edited and delivered the images as agreed.